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Windows and Office give Surface Pen more power than ever Strikethrough words to delete, circle text to select, highlight using Ink Editor — and even replay the

How To Use a Stylus with Your Tablet October 21, 2014 by Jen Edwards 2 or Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet with a pressure sensitive multi-function stylus pen,If you use an app that uses the digital compass, keep the pen away from your VAIO computer to prevent the built-in magnet of the Tail cap from affecting the magnetometer on the computer You can use the pen with your hand resting on the screen If you move the pen towards the touch screen, you cannot control the touch screen with fingersCapacitive” stylus pens, The HP Executive Tablet Pen is an “Active Capacitive” pen and uses a digitizer built in to the screen to allow communication between the tablet screen and the pen When some Active Capacitive pens are near the screen, the screen detects the pen and deactivates finger touchIf the tablet PC came with a stylus, it most likely sports a pen port or some kind of stylus garage Use that hold to keep the pen when you’re not using it To remove the pen, push it in a tad The pen pops out so that you can grab it Insert the pen all the way until it clicks If your tablet PC lacks stylus stowage, keep the pen in your laptop bag …